Lips, Eyes & Eyebrows

PhiContour is a skill of semi-permanent make up for eyeliner, lip & eyebrow drawing, scalp and areola pigmentation.

Master Dovile Zilinskaite of PhiContour Academy teaches the Phi Contour technique for lips and eyelids as well as microblading technique of PhiBrows hair strokes, which is specially adapted to standards of beauty. She is one of the most experienced Masters and has already nearly 3 years experience with more than 200 students per year around the world. The programme of the course is very informative and is fit for beginners as well as experienced ones.

Dovile Zilinskaite is an accredited Master-trainer in the United Kingdom, so students can be insured by ABT company after the certification.

The training will be led together with guest masters Kerstin Ellmer andThorsten Kreiling (Austria).

During the course, students will learn about lips & eyelid symmetry and how to choose an ideal shape, what skin problems are, colour reflection, different post-treatment flows which are very depending on skin type, factors which affect colour and/or colour lasting.

In addition, Master lectures about business ethics and customization of relations with clients and colleagues.

Students are also delivered a Professional starter's kit which is included in the course price.

The Professional PhiContour Starter Kit is included in the course

Professional PhiContour Starter Kit

- Phi Contour Semi Permanent Make up Machine,

- 4 Lips pigments,

- 1 Eyelid pigment,

- 1 Eyelid pigment,

- 15 Cartridge 1 point needles,

- 2 Pencils.

The programme of Lips & Eyelid

With the concept of Phi Contour, you will learn our individual technique for practical application in a 4 day seminar. Also, during our comprehensive theory lessons you will learn everything you need for a successful implementation as a Permanent Make-up Artist.

Day 1 Theory

Day 2 Theory and Practice

Day 3 Eyelid Practice on live models

Day 4 Lips Practice on live models

Note: Please you are not allowed leave the course earlier.

Course Outline

Day 1 - theoretical part that comprises the learning about:

- Introduction of PhiContour,

- Concepts of Phi Contour education opportunities,

- The responsibility of Permament make-up artist,

- Legislation,

- Hygiene/Safety advice,

- Optimal workplace preparation,

- Contraindications,

- Consent form/Photo documentation,

- Color theory/PhiContour colors,

- Equipment/Device explanation,

- The applications of the different modules

(At the end of the day – resume)

Day 2 – theoretical and practical part of knowledge about:

- Marketing,

- Make up art/Visagistic,,

- Drawing techniques of Lip and Eyelid,

- Skin stretching techniques,

- Practical work on skin simulation,

(At the end of the day – resume)

Day 3 – practicing Eyelid:

- Eyelash enhancement,

- Drawing technique,

- Skin stretching technique,

- Practical work on model,

(At the end of the day – resume)

Day 4 – practicing Lips:

- Lip/Lip Contour and lip shading,

- Drawing technique,

- Skin stretching technique,

- Practical work on model,

- Issuance of certificates.

What you will learn during the training course?


Basic of Make-up Art


Knowledge of hygiene


PhiContour Equipment

Knowledge of colours

Work Process

Techniques of pigmentation

Stretching Techniques


Preliminary drawing Techniques

Stretching Techniques

Special techniques for contouring and shading

Preliminary drawings on the model

Pigmnetation on the model


Students receive two certificates. Just after the course students receive the certificate of attendance for the PhiContour course.

The certificate of successfully mastered technique is granted after passing the exam of drawing symmetry and improving the result on a live model.

The time for obtaining the second certificate is relative; it approximately takes about a month, but with some students who do not have much time for practicing it could last up to several months.

After the training we create a Viber group, so in this way you have a possibility to give questions or send photos for the Master or contact and share experience in the daily work with you colleagues.

Even after the training we will accompany you up to 6 months with your questions, support and help to implement Permanent Make-up into your daily work and successful positioning.